Conquering Financial LiteracyOne Student At A Time

A Down-to-Earth Introduction to Personal Finance

Personal finance has always been a problem for many students starting their first job or as they plan for their retirement. Questions like “how do I mortgage my house” or “how should I spend within my limits” are questions that many of us will encounter.

Basic financial literacy skills are in short supply these days. Studies have found that nearly 60% of American adults can’t pass a basic financial literacy test. Here at The Vantage, our passion is bringing the essentials of smart money skills to people when they stand to benefit from it most: at a young age.

We believe no student should graduate from college without knowing the basics of personal finance and how to work with money. No matter what career or path they pursue, after all, every student will be faced with money decisions that will impact the rest of their life.

This is where The Vantage comes in. We are providing a webinar service geared to students that addresses their questions, fears, and opportunities with personal finance. In this webinar, we will give your students a framework to approach key aspects of personal finance, including:

  • Setting up a budget and spending wisely
  • Responsibly building a credit score
  • Getting started investing (and why patience and long-term thinking are your best friends as an investor)
  • And much more

We aim to deliver this to students in a relatable and fun manner. Our webinar includes both a standard lecture and presentation, as well as a Q&A with financial professionals. (We started investing before we were teenagers, and we work as analysts at The Motley Fool.)  

Our webinars for you and your students are on the house, no questions asked. We want to bring financial literacy to the world, starting with your students.

Interested? Please sign up below and we will contact you with more information. Or email us with any questions. We look forward to learning, growing, and prospering together.

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