Podcasts are sweeping the world right now. Podcast listenership grew 23% in 2016, and now an estimated 57 million Americans listen to podcasts. Whether you need to spice up your commute, find something besides ‘80s to jam to while working out (guilty as charged), or just want something to listen to while doing odds and ends around the house, there is no shortage of quality podcasts that will enrich your daily and weekly routines by helping you learn about money.

Using Podcasts to Learn About Money

I prefer podcasts that are fun, easy to follow, but leave you learning something new with each episode. To that end, here are seven of my favorite podcasts that will change how you think about money and the world. (Podcasts are in alphabetical order.) 

1. 50 Things That Made the Modern Economy

What do the iPhone, TV dinner, and barcode have in common? They each played a role (often unnoticed) in creating today’s economy, and they are among the “50 Things” featured in this podcast. Host Tim Harford looks at these and many other oft-overlooked items that helped shape the world we know today. Each episode is less than 10 minutes long, making this an easy podcast to listen to and digest.

Good if you’re interested in: the economy, history, fun facts

2. Acquired

Acquired is a good podcast to get a better understanding of what goes on behind the scenes at companies like Facebook, Snap (commonly known as Snapchat), Apple, Disney, and others. Topics like technology and finance are addressed in an approachable way. This is worth a listen if you’re interested in learning more about the inner workings of businesses and how big acquisitions (like Facebook buying Instagram, or Disney buying Pixar) come into play in the business world.

Good if you’re interested in: startups, entrepreneurship, investing, business

3. Decrypted

A weekly podcast from Bloomberg, Decrypted covers a bunch of interesting stories; everything ranging from how and why former NBA player Rick Fox is paying people to play video games, to an exploration of how gene-editing technology could change healthcare. I listen to this podcast to keep a pulse on interesting stories and trends taking place around the world.  

Good if you’re interested in: business, investing, the economy, entrepreneurship, trends, technology

4. How I Built This

This weekly podcast is a must-listen if you want to learn the stories of entrepreneurs behind businesses like Virgin, Samuel Adams, Instacart, 1-800-GOT-JUNK, Kendra Scott, and much more. Each week, host Guy Raz interviews a new entrepreneur to learn about their experiences and the journey that led to starting their business. I learn something from each of these interviews, making it well worth a listen.

Good if you’re interested in: startups, entrepreneurship, business

5. Motley Fool Answers

Each week, Alison Southwick and Robert Brokamp (aka “Bro”) from The Motley Fool address all sorts of personal finance topics. Whether you’re looking to start investing, are interested in buying a house, or are wondering how to improve your credit score, there’s a good chance Motley Fool Answers will have you covered. They do a great job boiling intimidating topics down to digestible pieces in a fun and entertaining way.

Good if you’re interested in: personal finance, money, investing

6. Planet Money

Planet Money is another podcast worth checking out if you’re interested in learning about some of the quirkier sides of money and the economy. There are several new episodes a week that range from all sorts of topics like Bitcoin, why the Dow is flawed (but people pay attention to it anyway), the economics of dating, and much more.

Good if you’re interested in: the economy, psychology of money, fun facts, world events

7. Rule Breaker Investing

David Gardner, cofounder of The Motley Fool and one of the best investors of our era, hosts this weekly podcast. Rule Breaker Investing is a must-listen if you are interested in investing and learning how to think like an investor. Each week, David shares gems gained from his life as an investor, entrepreneur, and a Fool. You are sure to come away learning something from Rule Breaker Investing.

Good if you’re interested in: investing, business, entrepreneurship trends

The Bottom Line 

Do you already listen to some of these podcasts? Did we miss one of your favorites? Let us know on Twitter or Facebook!