I’ve already written about seven podcasts that will change how you look at money, but since there are a gazillion podcasts at our fingertips I figured I’d lay out a few more money-related podcasts that I enjoy — and hopefully you will, too. Here are five more podcasts that will change how you look at money and the world as a whole. Podcasts are in alphabetical order.

  1. a16z

This podcast from venture capital firm Andreessen Horowitz — an early investor in companies like Twitter, Pinterest, and many others — has a lot of gems on a host of different topics, ranging from entrepreneurship to technology to public policy and everything in between. This is worth listening to just to keep a pulse on up-and-coming trends in the world.

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  1. Exponent

Hosted by Stratechery’s Ben Thompson (one of the best tech writers around), I make a point of listening to the latest episode of Exponent each week. Exponent peels back layers of key events going on in the tech world (like Amazon buying Whole Foods) — and the world at large — and presents them in a compelling and relatable way. You’ll probably gain a different view of the world, or consider different perspectives, which is a good thing.

Good if you’re interested in: business, technology, history, trends, world events

  1. Internet History Podcast

One of the most recent podcasts I’ve started listening to, the Internet History Podcast is a great resource to learn about the early history of the internet, learn from the key players who pioneered and navigated the world-changing technology to where it is today, and get a better context for where we’re at (and where we’re going) when it comes to the internet and connectivity. My favorite episode so far is an interview with the first chef at Google (one of the company’s first employees, as it turns out).

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  1. Motley Fool Money

Motley Fool Money is a weekly show that dives into the biggest business stories of the week in a way that’s fun and down to earth. For money and business news in digestible doses, Motley Fool Money is a good place to start. Yours truly is even a guest on the show sometimes, but I tried not to let that fact bias its inclusion on this list too much.

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  1. This Week in Startups

As the title suggests, this podcast delves into the world of startups (early-stage businesses) through interviews with entrepreneurs, CEOs, and other leaders (particularly in the tech space). This podcast is an entertaining and worthwhile listen even if you’re not someone who thinks twice about entrepreneurship. When you understand the grit and vision that goes into startups, you’ll gain a new respect for the products and services around you.

Good if you’re interested in: entrepreneurship, investing, technology

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