The best way to learn is to follow and interact with those you respect. When it comes to money, where the world is heading, and how to act in our ever-present sea of change there are countless amazing people to learn from. I personally developed a long list of people on Twitter I follow that help me better understand the world and better live in it.

Here are 25 of my favorite Twitter follows, with a brief description of why I love to hear their thoughts. The list covers technologists, writers, investors of various stripes, and otherwise helpful sources. In no particular order:

  1. Anu Hariharan — Partner at Y Combinator; shares lots of interesting company stories and nuggets of business insight.
  2. James Clear — Author, weightlifter, and travel photographer; writes about building better habits and has rare insight across various disciplines.
  3. Subrahmanyam KVJ — Technologist; constantly shares fascinating articles, updates, and snippets about how technology continues to change the world.
  4. Nick Szabo — Blockchain, cryptocurrency, and smart contracts pioneer; brilliant guy that often shares his mental models and a great follow to better understand cryptocurrencies.
  5. Sriram Krishnan — Ex-Snap and Facebook; also shares great articles and insights about technological change.
  6. Ed Latimore — Boxer, writer, physicist; great, concise tweets about how to live a better life, and you can get more at his website. I respect his no BS tone
  7. Nassim Nicholas Taleb — Author of Fooled by Randomness, Black Swan, etc; gives thought-provoking insights about probability and, like Latimore, I dig his no BS style.
  8. Mr. Money Mustache — Super young retiree and blogger; writes about how most anyone can retire at a young age with the right habits.
  9. Edith Yeung — Partner at 500 Startups Mobile Collective; excellent insights into technology and startups around the world.
  10. Charles Chu — Essayist and traveler; writes wisdom-filled articles about anything and everything… very under-followed in my opinion.
  11. Shane Parrish — Founder of Farnam Street; reads more than anyone else I’ve ever seen and shares his learnings constantly.
  12. Brent Beshore — CEO of adventur_es; a talented investor who always shares his insights and learnings.
  13. The Motley Fool — disclosure: I work here; however, it’s a great stream of business-oriented and personal finance articles.
  14. Ben Thompson — Author and Founder of Stratechery; writes pretty much daily about the tech industry, and his analysis is excellent. I’m a happy Stratechery subscriber.
  15. Naval Ravikant — Angel investor and Founder/CEO of AngelList; truly incredible thinker with much to share about business and living well.
  16. Hunter Walk — Partner at Homebrew, ex-YouTube and SecondLife; shares sound business advice and his perspectives on tech companies are insightful.
  17. Connie Chan — Partner at Andreessen Horowitz; focuses on China, and I’ve learned more about Chinese tech from her than anyone else.
  18. Tren Griffin — Writer, works for Microsoft; each week he writes a thorough article about “a dozen things” he learned from any particular business person. Always quality.
  19. Derek Thompson — Writer at The Atlantic; is great at sharing and explaining how economics is at work around the globe.
  20. Benedict Evans — Partner at Andreessen Horowitz; amazing thoughts about mobile, machine learning, and other big trends. Great weekly newsletter, too.
  21. Ben Carlson — Blogger, works at Ritholtz Wealth Management; writes daily about investing, and simplifies difficult concepts so that anyone can understand.
  22. Chris Dixon — Partner at Andreessen Horowitz; another seasoned entrepreneur and VC with a great understanding of where the tech world is heading.
  23. Morgan Housel — Partner at The Collaborative Fund; writes about investing and does a great job contextualizing the investing world, especially with history and psychology.
  24. Sam Altman — President of Y Combinator; has great advice for entrepreneurs and other business thinkers.
  25. — project of the Cato Institute; documents the improving state of the world with data, charts, and maps. Biased, but great to see.

As you can tell, I have a heavy leaning towards technology and early-stage investors. Naturally, some of these will be appealing to you and others not so much. If you think any other Twitter handles are worth following, I’d love to hear it. Please share in the comments and let us all know!